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gratis kumpulan ebook novel terjemahan (versi epub) - ebook novel indonesia pdf any book by Sandra Brown, she started off a romance book writer but she. In more than fifty New York Times bestselling novels, Sandra Brown has captivated her millions of readers with stories of charismatic love and tantalizing twists. Temptation's Kiss book. Read 51 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Megan, young widow and workaholic at a television station, desper.

This story was a case of lo This was the first time I had read this book and you have to remember to read it in the context of a book that is over 30 years old. This story was a case of love at first sight, the night before the bride marries a different groom who subsequently dies a few years later of a heart attack.

The night before the bride met the groom's boss who kissed her and took her breath and her heart away. But she then blamed him when her husband died. Fast forward a few years and they are thrown together and the sparks erupt into flame. This worked well in the 80s. An older, experienced man and a young, innocent woman.

Temptation's Kiss

But now it is irritating. And her ideas to make him jealous sexually were childish not provocative. Today the question would be asked whether he was a stalker rather than merely interested. It is fascinating how things change in 30 years.

View 1 comment. Mar 07, Judy Churchill rated it liked it. Happy, cheerful, optimistic! Not much plot but fun to read. Aug 23, Elizabeth rated it liked it Shelves: More from the summer of romance and this book is rated on my five star romance scale As I plow through the romance genre, I decided to pick up another book of a well known, somewhat old school romance writer. Although I don't think I'll be picking up most of Ms. Brown's back list, I was not disappointed.

She is a skilled story teller who kept things moving and really made want to head to Hilton Head island immediately. I didn't love the book because I did not like the characters very much.

The More from the summer of romance and this book is rated on my five star romance scale As I plow through the romance genre, I decided to pick up another book of a well known, somewhat old school romance writer.

The book appears to reflect the state of romance at the time it was written. The night before her wedding, our heroine Megan, meets her soon to be husband's boss, Josh, who kisses her passionately and tries to get her to break off the wedding. She refuses. Her husband dies less than a year later and Megan goes on to build a successful career managing ad sales at a local TV station.

Little does she know Josh has been the puppet master behind her throne, steering the job and then sales her way. And that's just the beginning of the creepiness. He brings a big ad download for a resort to the station and insists that Megan be on the file, and later accompany him to the resort for opening weekend.

Her boss helps him enforce his wishes. Not going to happen in this day and age. This one's got a sexual harassment lawsuit written all over. And his stalking, well, it's creepy. Again, perhaps when it was written this behavior would not be as taboo. And Ms. Brown is a good storyteller whom I doubt would frame things this way in the 21st century. It's not a bad romp and I'm not sorry that I read it. Dec 30, Aline rated it did not like it.

My mother and I share an site account for site books. She downloadd this and after reading the premise of the book, I decided to give it a go. The main character, Megan, is irritatingly petulant and I often found her thought process to be somewhat irrational. The love interest, Josh - what a pompous douche with colossal boundary issues. Definitely a guy that can not take no My mother and I share an site account for site books.

Definitely a guy that can not take no for an answer. Not unless they are a septuagenarian. Considering the times we are living in right now, this book is especially cringeworthy. Keep that in mind when reading. Temptation's Kiss is another early book by Sandra Brown. I did enjoy this one. I liked Josh's character better than Megan's. I thought she was a bit wimpy for the "tough" business woman that she was trying to make herself into.

I also thought she was a bit naive when it came to her late husband. This may be be the result of the time in which it was written. I liked Josh's pursuit of Megan. It's always nice to see the man know what he wants when it comes to love; none of this, "do I or don't I.

T Temptation's Kiss is another early book by Sandra Brown. This is a nice little romance and I think it's worth picking it up. I picked up the audio version because I couldn't find a paperback copy of it. You may have to peruse the used books stores for this one if your library doesn't have it. Sexy and romantic but like most early books quite cheesy and melodramatic. A hero whoz hell bent to have the heroine in whatever way possible and hence goes about manhandling manipulating and abusing the profession they are engaged in and the viper heroine becomes a malleable putty in the presence of the hero, some sexy steamy scenes in between On that note I liked this early book from Sandra Brown for a cozy afternoon reading.

What can I say? The only thing sweet and charming about this book is the hero's devotion to the heroine after sharing that first kiss Overall, their whirlwind romance did not give me enough reason to sigh and long for more chapters or even an epilogue. Dec 28, Shauna rated it it was ok. Pretty dumb - a provocative story that ends up only about getting in the sack. South sea colored bridge and kidnapping. Jul 16, Jannah rated it it was amazing.

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Light Hearted romantic novel. Definitely the sort of book to snuggle up with in front of the fire or take to the beach to enjoy some relaxation time. Feb 23, Marianne rated it it was ok. Short book chock full of pithy, trite, over used romantic nonsense. This book was simply awful! Not up to Browns standards.

Nov 03, Melissa rated it liked it. Before I "review", I'd like to first mention that this was the very first audio book I have ever listened to and that this is only the second time I have read a romance novel of this type i. With that being said, my review will be based mostly on how the book made me feel and honestly, I can't recall a time a book had me full out laughing and giggling. Now this book was in no way meant to be funny.

Kini, setelah sepuluh tahun lebih meninggalkan Gregory dan berjuang mengangkat hidupnya, ia kembali sebagai pengusaha sukses.

Akan dibuktikannya pada petunjuk kota itu bahwa ia berhak masuk ke Indigo Place yang dulu tertutup baginya, berikut memiliki pewarisnya Wedding Women's Interest. International Jawa. Kalimantan National.

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More filters. Sort order. It pissed me off because Brown led us to believe the hero view spoiler [ was deeply in love with another woman right until the end. I mean, I had my doubts, but still. I was afraid the whole time the heroine would be just a consolation prize. The hero was an enigma for most of the book. I can't say I didn't like him, tho 4. I can't say I didn't like him, though.

Taciturn, cold, dark, deadly, mysterious Sandra Brown sure knows how to write them. View all 17 comments. First off, can this woman write a bad book? This quote is from the TV series, "The Newsroom" - it's not meant to insult anyone, especially Americans but I thought it was appropriate especially regarding the subject matter of the book. No stars could be seen, of course, because of the city lights. But there was a pretty moon. This one probably dropped a star as I really wanted some more one on one time for Barrie and Gray Barrie Travis is stuck at a low-budget independent televis First off, can this woman write a bad book?

Barrie Travis is stuck at a low-budget independent television station struggling to survive among the giant networks.

This one left me seconding guessing to the end again - OK, I had an inkling of who might be the bad guy Not sure what the breed of dog in the book was but let's put Binky in there! As with most SB books, go in blind. You are better off in case you see any spoilers.

And he stayed there. And stayed. Fucking her in his mind.

Sweet heaven and holy hell. It was the most sustained, most intense, most intimate, most satisfying, most frustrating encounter he had even experienced. View all 42 comments. Dec 17, Phrynne rated it liked it.

To be completely honest I found this book to be a bit average which is a shame because I know lots of people who think this author is the best thing since sliced bread. The story was far fetched and the characters unbelievable. On the other hand it was very readable with plenty of action and a nice little twist at the end.

A book to read on the beach or on a plane. View all 15 comments. Mar 13, Barbara rated it it was ok. This leads to big trouble because President David Merritt, who is as corrupt as they come and has his own hit squad, doesn't relish adverse publicity for his administration. Looking for evidence Barrie tracks down Gray Bondurant, a former advisor to the President who allegedly had an affai After having coffee with First Lady Vanessa Merritt, whose baby recently died from SIDS, TV reporter Barrie Travis decides - with just about zero evidence - that the baby was murdered and sets out to prove it.

Looking for evidence Barrie tracks down Gray Bondurant, a former advisor to the President who allegedly had an affair with Vanessa. Barrie travels to Gray's ranch in Wyoming and falls into bed with the handsome hottie minutes after meeting him. He is the strong silent type though, and refuses to give out much info. Nevertheless, the reporter becomes more and more convinced that something is rotten in the Merritt administration and continues to snoop; Gray, apparently smitten after sex with Barrie, follows her back to Washington to watch her back.

As the President scrambles to hide his past actions, protect himself from bad publicity, and win a second term he plans to kill off anyone who might expose him, including his wife.

This all plays out more or less as you might expect and leads to a conclusion that doesn't quite jive with all the characters' personalities.

There were also too many gratuitous, repetitive sex scenes. This might be an okay beach or plane read, but I wouldn't have missed anything by skipping it.

You can follow my reviews at https: View 2 comments. Another prolific author that I will always read. I do like the romantic threads to her books, to be honest. The villains are always bad bad people, and the goodies end up on top, even if they have to try their damndest to get there!

Love her male protags the best though, when it comes to Ms Brown. Barrie Travis is a go-getter in a dead end television job, approached by the First Lady, things get a bit hectic.

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An enjoyable read. Jul 18, Lisa - Aussie Girl rated it really liked it Shelves: Not my favourite Sandra Brown Can the nation be conned by men in absolute power? It is the premise of Exclusive , I think and one I was curious to know how the story unfolded.

It took me a while to finish this long book and evidently, I would not recommend: View all 4 comments.


I won this fabulous book from a contest on Goodreads! Thank you! Barrie Travis is holding down a job as a reporter at a low-budget television station. Barrie was a good broadcast journalist but unfortunately, the stations management and her 'creepy' boss blocked her ideas to produce feature stories and instead give her menial 'junk' to report.

She just needs one big break. But the meeting was more than 'unsettling' to Barrie. She knows she must delve further and get more facts and try to speak with Vanessa again. Barrie meets up with Gray Bondurant who was once the right hand man to the President of the U.

With the help of Barrie's dearest friend, Daily, they begin to uncover what could be the most scandalous and horrific events ever to come out of the White House itself. Just a riveting, nail biting story that once again has me put Sandra Brown at the top of my list of most amazing authors ever!

Jan 28, Jackie rated it really liked it. Slow start but that ending was amazing. Barrie Travis is invited to meet the First Lady to interview her off the record. But the First Lady cuts it short. But the more she learns, the more questions she has. She turns to former Presidential Aide, Gray Bondurant, to get answers but he doesn't want to get involved. But there are those who don't want those questions to be answered at all. Not the best Sandra Brown novel I have read but it was still good.

Interesting twists in the story! At best OK, but forgettable.

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Nothing new or different. Barrie is an investigative reporter looking into bad things done by the President. He is helping Barrie. Gray is smart and always right. Barrie argues with him on almost everything. I was annoyed with some of her actions.

There is too much pondering and dragging out the story. The interesting parts would make a much shorter story. There is nothing new or special. I did not like having this open ending. It was barely there. The narrator had a snippy smartalecky tone to her voice which was ok for Barrie. But it did not fit Gray.Well Megan is a big time hot shot in advertising and for the sake of her, tries to avoid an associate in another department.

This was a cute little romance story about a couple that meet when one was 14 Marnie , the other was 23 Law , the twist is that the older sister 16 was there too and she is the one with the summer romance with Law and ended up pregnant.

View all 17 comments. Megan seemed to have a very distorted sense of what was fair in the blame game. View 1 comment. Readers also enjoyed.

Temptation's Kiss is another early book by Sandra Brown.

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