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We have put together a list of thirteen method books as well as highlighted some of the critical features of the books. It comes with some features that make learning fun and straightforward. Some of those features include drills to strengthen the fingers, isometric hand exercises to teach you how to play with the two hands, written assignments to help you master the lessons.

Piano Sheet Music

This method book offers basic lessons which you will use to learn how to play the piano. There are songs to practice with as well as drills to help you perfect how to play the piano.

There are also written lessons with which students can learn on their own and master all the techniques of playing.

Other things you will learn with this Adult-all-in-one course are music theory and music reading.

Best Piano Books for Beginners

This book is helpful in formal piano lessons as well as self-guided learning. It is a well-written book that can be understood by just about anybody. It provides a harmony style and is an excellent way for an adult to get started.

It teaches chords for the two hands, and the student will have the chance to learn melodies with more than one note rather than playing only pieces that only have a single note as the melody.

This type of book is expertly mastered with the help of an experienced piano instructor or seasoned musician. It also teaches a lot of songs for students to learn and have a feel of different song formats and methods.

These songs give the student enough room to explore their creativity as well as play different notes. The components include scales, piano chords, arpeggios, basic music theory and music reading. It comes with thirty video lessons that the student has to stream and the lessons come in steps. This method book is easy to use, and a lot of students have used it to get masterful the piano. It is fun, interactive and engaging. The videos make it easy for the student to understand the creation of music, the technique of playing the piano and the ability to flex your creativeness.

The good thing about this method book and streaming video is that it can be used as a self-guided or used alongside a teacher.

This book makes you an expert within a short period. It is created for adult beginners to help them develop their understanding of music. The book comprises of music techniques, lessons, and theory all in one place so they can be easily accessed. The Book 1 offers music fundamentals, playing of chords, music notation and musical form.

The layout is redesigned to make the hierarchy of information better and to focus on important musical concepts. It also emphasizes step by step learning, so the learning process does not overwhelm the student.

The 5 Best Piano Method Books for Children Aged 7 and Up in 2019

You can go with the learning process at your own pace, and there is online support to make learning easier. It comes with over minutes of instructional videos as well as different tracks with audio accompaniments. With this track, students can learn a diversity of techniques and also master different types of tunes and song arrangement.

His book has been used by teachers of different categories of people; from children to adults.

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The Modern Course for the Piano is created for people who at least have an idea of the basic piano fundamentals and know music reading. It teaches the process of playing the piano with the two hands and it makes it fun and exciting. The book covers some exciting features such as teaching the various hand positions so you can be better at playing the piano, contains pictures that show finger positioning, includes materials that teach necessary playing skills.

To enjoy using this method book, you only need to be familiar with the basics of music reading, the different notes of the piano and have the ability to pick out tunes.

With colorful illustrations and characters, you sure will get the attention of your child with this book. It has a step-by-step lesson plan, and it comprises of features like reading-aloud exercises, worksheets, and accompaniments to aid the teaching process. It is like every other child book, and the lessons are set up in a way that it will be easy for your child to flow with the book.

It is an excellent book to expose your child to the piano world and get him or her started with getting acquainted with musical instruments. John Thompson is a top creator of music learning materials and piano method books; we cannot expect anything short of the standard from this book. It features guide pages written to teach music to people who have no knowledge about music and with this book, it feels like there is a piano tutor close-by teaching you how to play.

There is an included CD which contains the engaging arrangement and the piano parts for the musical examples. This piano book contains features like Introduction to the piano, Grand Staff, Note Values, learn to recognize steps and skips and Learn to play in C five-finger step patterns.

There are different units in the book, and each unit introduces a specific skill while referring to the ones previously learned. For anybody who does not have any prior knowledge and wants to learn playing the piano, the Piano Adventures Lesson Book is a suitable book to use.

The book can be used to acquire a specific piano skill which can be a stepping stone to another skill. Although it is created to cater for young players, it can be used by anybody of any age who does not have any previous knowledge of playing the piano.

It will be a simple book for adults, but it is suitable enough to give all the necessary knowledge and skillset. It is another level higher than the Primer Level, and it offers simple chord playing. It gives the students the ability to play in different positions and the process of learning is basically through reading and being able to identify intervals through the 5th. With the introduction of staccato and legato touches, students can discover the vast potentials to become a virtuoso within a short time.

This is a level that that progresses from the interval orientation to reading through the complete range of the Grand Staff.

For very small children There is a set of Lesson books, also part of the Piano Adventures series, that is aimed at younger children. This B book progresses very slowly, with a set of little "friends" who continue to show up throughout the entire "My First Piano Adventure" series.

Why just Book B? Though it is adorable and full of charming ideas for your students, I do not use the A level book with students. Rather, it is an idea book for me. The problem with the book is that it is aimed at pre-readers, but there is no way they can read the instructions when they get home in order to remember what to do!

They will need their parents or an older sibling to sit down with them each day and work through the pages with them. Every page has a lot going on. By the time my younger students get to the end of Level B, they are usually eager to move into the Red Book rather than the Level C book.

But each child is different! What about the extra books that go along with the method's Lesson Book? Most courses have companion books for each level of the series I like a lot of the repertoire books, and have them on hand for my students.

I prefer to do "hands-on" theory and technique, finding the chords and scales right in their music after acquainting them with pentascales and chords.

I have downloadd all these books in the past, and have found that there just isn't time for it all! At least, not the way I tend to teach, and not in minute lessons. I like to give my students extra "fun" music, chord songs, and scale and chord exercises.

Some of the Repertoire or "Performance" books are "best piano books" Levels 4 and 5 of the repertoire books "Performance Books" have some really nice pieces.

I believe that most of the methods will bring your students to the same place eventually. But perhaps you get the itch to try new things. I know some teachers like to have their students in different methods so they the teachers don't go crazy hearing "The Juggler" 4 times in one week. To me, THAT is interesting. And informative. The Perfect Start for Notereading, Book One, is a fabulous easy book that keeps students on the same 2 notes for many pages.

Then, just 3 notes for "x" number of pages.

Then, just 4 notes. You get the idea! For a while, we would cease doing their regular lesson book. Each week, I assign one song in "The Orange Book" to be a "note-naming" song, and one song to be a "count-aloud" song, in addition, usually, to a "super-fast" song, and a new song. Though it may sound grueling, when they get used to the routine, it is not a burden.

I go easy on them at first I just keep a copy of the book on my piano, and have each student not-too-far past that level read songs for me. There is even a place on their lesson sheets now for me to record where we left off in "The Orange Book.

Piano Music Books

We play the songs like a duet, with me taking the right hand. I enjoy hearing students say note names aloud, or singing words to easy new songs with me. But now there is an easier book in the "My Kind of Music" series, so this book has been renamed.

The songs in this book by Kevin Olson are elementary level, with lots of repeating little patterns that make them easy to learn, but they are truly recital-worthy little pieces! And fun! Most of them sound much harder than they are, because the hands usually play separately.

Kevin Olson has a real gift for pulling melodies together into a great rhythmic climax. There are some challenging pieces All the pieces aren't easy, however. And the nearer to the end of the book you get, the more skill the pieces require.

I LOVE this book. And your young students will feel so grownup playing the pieces in this collection. This book will drag a reluctant teenager out of a deep rut, and heave her up onto a new plateau where she will look around bedazzled at the beauty and fun of playing in a semi-classical style.

I say "she", because - strangely - I have never given this book to a boy. But don't take my word for it!

If your student has been dithering around with them and making poor progress, these two pieces should convince her of the need to learn her chords. Update: There's a duet version of this music , which I have bought.

I thought it would be a nice way to introduce less-capable students to this beautiful series of pieces, but unfortunately, the separate parts do not have the charm of the solos, so they are not motivating to learn.It comes in different languages such as German, Spanish and French.

Pages are colorful and notes are large for easy reading. The CD alone is enough to challenge a beginner student to be their best and to practice.

But after finishing this book, they struggle to read other piano music written outside those patterns. Check out those questions below; Who will use the book?

Although it is created to cater for young players, it can be used by anybody of any age who does not have any previous knowledge of playing the piano.

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