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Reallyits a relief that I was born in this era! Youre exaggerating. But as I laughed, I totally agreed with him. Nerve Gear. The basic structure of this machine is totally different from the older ones. Unlike the old-style man-machine interface hardware like flat screen monitors or controllers that you used with your hands, Nerve Gear only had a single interface, a streamlined interface that covered the whole of your head and face.

Inside, there were numerous signal components, and by using the numerous electronic signals these sent, the gear accessed the user's brain itself. The user didnt use their eyes or ears to see and listen, but took in the signals that were sent directly to their brain.

In addition, the machine could access not only sight and sound, but also touch, taste, and smell as wellthat is to say, all five senses. After slipping the Nerve Gear on and locking the strap on your chin in place and saying the initiation command Link Start, all noise fades away and youre swathed in darkness. As soon as you pass the rainbow colored circle in the middle, youre in another world made entirely out of data. The electronics company which created the Nerve Gear called the actual act of linking to the virtual reality FullDive.

It was a total seclusion from reality, fitting of the word full. The reason for this is that the Nerve Gear not only sent fake signals to the five sensesbut also blocked and rerouted the orders that the brain sent to the body. This can be called the most basic requirement for moving freely in a virtual reality.

If the body received the brain's signals when the user was in FullDive, the moment the user decided they wanted to run their actual body would run into a wall. Because the Nerve Gear could reroute the commands the brain sent through the spinal cord, Cline and I could both move our avatars around freely and swing our swords around. We've completely leapt into the game.

The effect of this experience captivated me and many gamers such as myself to the point where we were sure that we could never go back to the old touch-pens or motion sensors. Cline was staring at the wind passing through the plains and the castle walls off in the distance with actual tears in his eyes. I asked.

Cline, looking like a calmly handsome warrior from the Sengoku period, turned his head my way and nodded. If he put a serious expression on his face, he had an impressive bearing about him worthy of an actor from a historical play.

Of course, this was different from his actual body in the real world. It was an avatar made out of nothing from adjusting a bunch of options. Of course, I looked like some ridiculously handsome protagonist from some fantasy animation as well.

Cline continued in his low vigorous voice, which, of course, was different from his real voice as well.

There was only ten thousand in the first batch. So I suppose I was really lucky. They only picked a thousand! An, yeah, I suppose. Cline kept staring at me. I unconsciously scratched my head.

I remembered the excitement and enthusiasm that Sword Art Online created when it was announced through the media like it was yesterday. Nerve Gear had realized the future setting for gaming with FullDive. However, due to the innovation of the actual machine, only unremarkable titles came forth for the all-important software.

They were all puzzles, education related or environmental type games, calling forth discontent from game addicts such as myself. Nerve Gear can truthfully render a virtual reality. But you could only walk meters before you hit a wall in that world; it was really a huge letdown. That hardcore gamers such as myself, who had been deeply absorbed with the experience of being within the game, had started waiting for a certain game genre was almost unavoidable.

We had started waiting for a network response gamea sort that let millions of players log in and raise, fight with and live as a character of their own, that is to saya MMORPG.

The stage for the game is a floating castle consisting of floors. The players lived in a world with forests and lakes, relying on only their sword and drive to discover the route to the upper floors and defeat countless monsters and make their way endlessly to the top. Magic which was considered to be an indispensable part of fantasy MMORPGs had been boldly cut out and an almost endless number of skills called Sword Skills were made.

It was part of a plan to let players actually feel the experience of fighting with their own bodies through FullDive as much as possible. Skills were varied including productive skills such as smithery, leather working and sewing, and everyday skills such as fishing, cooking and playing music, allowing the player to not only adventure the huge game but also actually live in it. If they so wanted, and if their skill levels were high enough, they could download a house and live as shepherds.

As the information steadily kept being revealed, the gamers enthusiasm only got higher. The beta test only recruited a thousand testers; it's said that one hundred thousand people, the number of half the Nerve Gear sold at that time, volunteered to be a tester.

Luck was the only reason that I got through the narrow gap and was picked. Also, beta testers received the additional benefit of being given the priority when the game officially came out. At school, I thought endlessly of my skill set, equipment and items, and ran all the way to my house as soon as school ended and dived till dawn.

The beta test ended in the blink of an eye, and on the day my character was reset, I felt a sense of loss as if half of my actual self had been cut away. And nowNovember 6, , Sunday. Sword Art Online after all the preparations had been finished and at 1PM officially started its server service. Of course, I had been waiting for 30 minutes and then logged on without even a second delay, but when I checked the state of the server over ninety-five hundred people had already logged on.

It seemed as if all of the people who had been lucky enough to get their hands on the game had felt the same as I did. All the online shopping sites announced that the game was sold out seconds after it had gone on sale and the offline sales, which had started yesterday, had created lines of people who had queued up for four days, creating enough of a racket to go on the news.

That meant that all the people who had been able to download a copy of the game were almost all serious game addicts. The actions of Cline showed this clearly as well. Realizing that I was a beta tester after seeing me start and dashing without any hesitation, Cline ran over. Hey, teach me a few things! I wondered how he could be so shameless and demanding to a person he hadn't met before. Being so lost for words that it was almost amazement.

Ah, er, thenwhy dont we go to the weapon shop? I answered like some NPC; we then ended up making a party, and I began teaching him some basics of fightingand thats how we ended up in this current situation.

To tell the truth, I didnt get along with people in real life or in games, perhaps even less so than in real life.

During beta testing, I came to know a couple of people, but I didnt get close enough to anyone to actually call them a friend.

But Cline had a side to him that grows on you, and I didnt find this uncomfortable either. Thinking that I might be able to get along with him, I opened my mouth. Sowhat do you want to do? Do you want to keep hunting till you get used to it? He must have been checking the time. I ordered some pizza for I said at a loss for words, Cline spread his chest. Of course! I promised to meet some mates at the Starting City in a bit. I could introduce you to some of them and you could register them as friends.

That way you would always send messages. How about it? Errr Hmmm, I mumbled subconsciously. I got along with Cline pretty well, but there was no guarantee that itd be the same for his friends.

I felt like that there would be a higher chance of not getting along with them and as a result, fall out with Cline as well. Should I? Seemingly understanding the reason for my not-so-confident answer, Cline shook his head. Ah, I dont mean to force you.

Therell be a chance to introduce them sometime anyway. Sorry, and thanks. As soon as I thanked him, Cline shook his head vigorously. Hey, hey! I should be the one thanking you. I received a lot of help from you.

Ill pay you back sometime soon. Cline smiled and took another look at the clock. Thanks a lot, Kirito. Be seeing ya. With that, he put his hand forward. At that moment, I thought this person would have been a great leader in another game and shook his hand.

Yeah, see you around. We let go of each others hand.

That was the point where Aincrad, or Sword Art Online, stopped being just some fun game for me. Cline stepped back a bit and put his right index finger and thumb together and pulled downwards. This was the action that was done to call the main menu window.

Straight afterwards, there was a ringing sound and a shining purple rectangle appeared. I moved a bit and sat on a rock and opened my menu too. I started to move my fingers to organize the items that Id gotten after fighting with the boar. Cline said in a strange tone. Whats this? At that, I stopped moving my fingers and raised my head.

No button? No way, look a bit closer. I said a bit confused. The swordsman opened his eyes wide beneath the bandana and pushed his head closer to the menu. The rectangle, which was longer sideways than high, had a bunch of buttons on the left and a silhouette showing what equipment you had on on the right. As I was turning my head to the item list that listed the items that I had gained over hours of fighting, Cline started speaking in an unusually high voice.

Its really not there. You take a look Kirito. I told you that theres no way that its not there I muttered with a sigh as I clicked on the button on the top left to go back to the menu screen. The inventory window on the right closed and it went back to the main screen.

At the left of the silhouette, which still had quite a lot of empty spaces, there was a long row of buttons. I moved my hand down in a movement that had almost become a habit and My body froze. It wasnt here. As Cline had said, the button that had been there during the beta testno, even right after Id logged onhad disappeared.

I stared at the empty space for a couple of seconds, then looked through the menu, making sure that it hadnt just changed its position. Cline looked up with Right? Yeah, its not there. I nodded, although it felt slightly annoying to agree so easily. Cline smiled and started rubbing his thick chin. Well, its the first day so these sort of bugs could occur.

Around about now, the GMs should be crying by now from the amount of messages flooding in, Cline said calmly. Is it alright for you to stand around like that? You said that you ordered some pizza, didnt you? I asked teasingly. I smiled as I watched him jump around, his eyes wide. I threw away a couple of items I didnt need from the inventory, which had turned red due to having too many items inside, and then walked over to Cline. My anchovy pizza and ginger ale-! Why dont you call a GM? They might cut you off from their side.

I tried, but theres no response. Its already ! Hey, Kirito! Isnt there some other way to log out? After listening to what Cline said while waving both of his arms My face became rigid. I felt a groundless fear send a chill down my back. Lets seeto log out I said while thinking. To get out of this virtual reality and back to my room, I have to open the main menu, press the log out button and press yes on the window that popped up on the right.

It was pretty simple. Butat the same time, apart from the procedure above I wasnt aware of any other way of logging off. I looked up at Clines face, which was situated quite a bit higher than my own, and shook my head. Notheres none. If you want to log out yourself you have to use the menu, apart from that, theres no other way.

Thats impossibletheres got to be something! Cline suddenly starting shouting as if he was denying my statement. Log out! But of course, nothing happened. There were no voice commands on SAO of that description. After shouting this and that and even jumping, I spoke to Cline. Cline, its useless.

Even the manual doesnt have anything on emergency access terminations. Butthis is just stupid! Even if its a bug, I cant even go back to my room and my body when I want to! Cline shouted with a bewildered expression on his face. I totally agreed with him. This was impossible. It was complete nonsense. But it was indisputably the truth. Its really just weird. Right now, we cant get out of this game!

Cline gave out a desperate laugh then quickly started talking again. Wait, we can just turn the power off. Or just pull the Gear off. As I watched Cline move his hands, as if he was trying to take off some invisible hat, I felt the anxiety returning. Thats impossible, both of them. Right now, we cant move our bodiesour real bodies.

The Nerve Gear receives all the signals that our brain is sending here I tapped the back of my head. Cline slowly closed his mouth and put his hands down. We both stood speechless for a while, each lost in thought. To attain the FullDive state, the Nerve Gear blocks the signals that our brain sends down our spines and changes them so that we can control our avatars in this world. So however wildly we swing our arm about here, the arm of my real body, which was lying on my bed right now, wouldnt move an inch, ensuring that I wouldnt hit my head against the corner of my table or anything.

But because of this function, we cant cancel the FullDive of our own free will right now. Cline mumbled, still a little dazed. I silently signaled my agreement. But I live by myself. I hesitated slightly but told him the truth. I live with my mom and my younger sister, a family of three.

I think that Ill be forced out of Dive if I dont come down for dinner What? H-How old is your sister? Cline suddenly looked at me, his eyes sparkling. I pushed his head away. Youre pretty calm right now, arent you? Shes part of the sports club and hates games, so shes got nothing in common with people like usbut more than that, I spread my right arm in an attempt to change the subject.

Dont you think its weird? Well sure. Since its a bug. Like your pizza in the real world is getting colder every second, its an actual economical loss, isnt it? I ignored these meaningless comments and kept talking. If its like this, the operators should put the server down and log everyone out whatever the case.

Butits already been 15 minutes since weve noticed this, but there hasnt even been a system message, let alone putting the server down; its just too weird. Hmm, now that I think of it, youre right. Now Cline started rubbing his chin with a serious expression on his face. In the area beneath the bandana, which covered a little bit of his sharp nose, intelligence sparkled in his eyes. I started listening to Cline, feeling a little strange about talking with someone whom Id never meet if I erased my account.

Thats why everyone was fighting to get their hands on a copy even though its the first online game. Its sorta meaningless if they screw up like this on their first day. If something goes wrong now they might put down regulations for the genre itself. Cline and I looked at each others virtual faces and sighed.

Aincrads seasons were based on reality, so it was early fall here as well. I looked up, sucking in the virtual air, taking a deep, cold breath. As I followed the uneven surface, I saw the huge towerthe labyrinth that was the path to the upper floorand saw that it was connected to the outer entrance.

It was just past and the small strip of sky that could be seen was red with the light of the sunset. Despite the situation I was in, seeing the endless plains painted gold with the light of the evening sun, I found myself speechless in front of the beauty of this virtual world. Right after that. The world changed forever. Both Cline and I were immersed in a clear blue pillar of light.

Past the blue veil, the plains in my vision blurred steadily. I've experienced this a few times during beta testing. It was a Teleport initiated by an item. I didn't have the prerequisite item nor did I shout the proper command. Did the operators initiate a forced teleport?

If so, why didn't they even inform us? As my thoughts raced, the light around me pulsed stronger and darkness overtook me. As the blue light faded, my surroundings became clear again. However, this wasn't the plains lit with the sunset anymore. A large road paved with stone.

Medieval streets surrounded by street-lamps and the huge palace radiating a dark light a fair distance away up ahead. This was the starting point, the central plaza of the Starting City. I looked at Cline who had his mouth wide open next to me. Then at the bustling layers of people that surrounded the two of us. Looking at the bunch of stunningly beautiful people with a variety of equipment and different hair colors, they were no doubt other players like me.

There were about a few thousandten thousand people here. It was likely that everyone who was logged on right now had been forcefully transported to the central plaza. For a few seconds, everyone just looked around without a word. Then a few mumbles and mutters could be heard here and there; it started to get louder. Then suddenly. Somebody raised his voice above all these comments and shouted. There, a strange sight greeted us.

The bottom surface of the second floor, one hundred meters up in the air, was checkered in red. When I looked closely, I could make out that they were made up of two phrases crisscrossing each other. The word that was written in red was [Warning] and the other [System Announcement]. I was surprised for a moment but then thought Oh, the operator's going to begin informing us now and loosened my shoulders a little bit. The chatter died down in the plaza and you could feel everyone waiting to hear what was going to be said.

However, what happened next wasn't what I had expected. From the middle of the pattern, a liquid similar to blood started oozing down slowly. It came down at a rate that almost emphasized how viscid it was; but it didn't fall down; instead, it started morphing into another shape.

What appeared was a twenty meter tall man with a hooded robe draped around him. No, that wasn't exactly right. From where we were looking, we could easily see into the hoodthere was no face. It was absolutely empty. We could clearly see the inner cloth and the green embroidery inside of the hood.

It was the same inside the robe; all we could see inside the rim were shadows. It was the clothes that the Agas employees who had been working as GMs during the beta test had always worn.

But then the male GMs had had a face like an old sorcerer with a long beard and the females had had an avatar of a bespectacled girl. They might have used the robe due to lack of time to prepare a proper avatar, but the empty space beneath the hood gave me an unexplainable feeling of anxiety. The countless players around me must have felt the same. Then the right hand of the huge robe moved as if to silence them. A pure white glove appeared from the folds of the long sleeve. But this sleeve, like the rest of the robe, wasn't connected to any sort of body.

Then the left arm slowly lifted upwards, too. Then with its two empty gloves spread out in front of ten thousand players, the faceless person opened his mouthno, it felt like it did. Then a low and calm voice of a male resonated from high up in the air. My world? If that red robe was a GM, it certainly had godlike powers in this world, enabling him to change the world at will, but why was he pointing that out now?

Cline and I looked at each other dumbfounded. The anonymous red robe lowered its two arms and continued talking. Right now, I am the only person who can control this world. I knew that name. There was no way I didn't.

As a hardcore gamer, I respected Kayaba deeply. I bought all the mags that featured him and had read his few interviews until I almost knew them all by heart. I could almost see him in the white overalls he always wore by just hearing his voice.

But he had always stood behind the scenes, refusing to be exposed to the media; he had never even been a GMso why was he doing something like this? I forced my mind to start moving again in order to make sense of the situation. But the words that came out of the empty hood almost seemed to mock my efforts to understand. This is not a bug; it is all part of Sword Art Online's system. The announcement continued in its low voice as if to cover the sound.

I couldn't understand this phrase at first. There's no castle in the Starting City. Then the next thing that Kayaba said blew my confusion away.

If these things are attempted The silence of ten thousand people was overwhelming. The next words came slowly. It was as if my mind was refusing to believe what had just been said. But Kayaba's short statement pierced through my body with a ferocity that was both hard and dense.

Destroy our brains. In other words, kill us. That is what Kayaba had just stated. People in the crowd started muttering, but there was no one shouting or panicking. It was either that everyone, like me, couldn't understand it yet, or refused to. Cline raised his right hand slowly and tried to grasp the headgear that would be situated there in the real world.

As he did this, he let out a dry laugh and started talking. That man, has he gone nuts? He's not making any sense. The Nerve Gear It's just a game. Destroy our brain How is he going to do that? Right Kirito? Cline stared at me hard, but I couldn't nod in agreement. The infinite signal sensors in the Nerve Gear's helmet emitted small electronic pulses to send virtual signals to the brain. They might call this the newest ultra technology, but the basic theory was the same as a certain household appliance that's been used for over 40 years in Japanthe microwave.

If there was sufficient output, it was possible that the Nerve Gear would vibrate the water particles in our brains and fry it with the heat from the friction. Because if we pull the plug on the Nerve Gear, there's no way it can emit that sort of a strong pulse. Unless there's some form of battery with a huge storage capability What if there was a sudden power outage or something!?

If any of these conditions are met, the brain destruction sequence will start. These conditions have been made known to the government and the public through mass-media in the outside world. On that note, there have been several cases where the relatives or friends have ignored the warnings and tried to forcefully get rid of the Nerve Gear. The result' The metallic voice took a short breath here.

But most of the players couldn't believe it, or refused to believe what they had been told and just stood there slack-jawed, or with a wry smile on their faces.

My head tried to reject what Kayaba had just said. But my body betrayed it and my knees started shaking violently. I stumbled back a few paces on my weak knees and managed to keep myself from falling. Cline fell on his backside; his expression lifeless. This phrase replayed over and over again in my head. If what Kayaba said was true-over people have already died up to now? Among them, there would have been beta testers such as me.

I might have even known some of their character names and avatars. These people had had their brains burnt and I don't believe it. How would he do such a thing? Stop kidding around and let us out. We don't have time to play along to your sick opening ceremony. An opening show, right?

But as if to dismiss our hopes, Kayaba's businesslike voice restarted its explanation. As of this moment, all TV, radio, and internet media are all repeatedly reporting this situation, including the fact that there have been numerous deaths.

The danger of having your Nerve Gear taken off has already all but disappeared. In a moment, using the two hours I have given, all of you will be transported to hospitals or similar institutes and be given the best treatment.

So you can relax Beat the game!? You want us to play around in a situation like this!? It is a second reality The moment that your HP reaches 0, your avatar will be gone forever, and at the same time' I could guess what he was going to say all too clearly. I drove it down. A long horizontal line was shining at the top left corner of my vision. Hit points. My life-force.

The moment it reaches zero, I will diethe electromagnetic waves will fry my brain, killing me instantaneously. This is what Kayaba had said.

This is without a doubt a game, a game with your life at stake. Even now, as elite swordsmen-in-training, Eugeo and Kirito still live in the same room in the dormitory.

That said, they share only the living room with their bedrooms separated. Eugeo still held feelings 10 Sword Art Online Alicization Turning Chapter 5 Seal of the Right Eye of guilt over the wide and soft beds that those from his home in Rulid could not hold a candle to, the extravagant baths where he could use as much hot water as he liked and the plentiful meals served at the dining hall reserved for those like them, but it seems Kirito got used to it in no time.

But there was one matter that he suffered as much as Eugeo at. The privileges granted to the mere twelve elite swordsmen-intraining of the academy were not limited to the exclusive dormitory. A single, exemplary novice trainee would take care of them as their valet. Eugeo was assigned as well, to a broadminded senior swordsman the previous year, and that was no bother at all For the trainee assigned as his valet this year was Tiez Shtolienen, born in a sixth class noble family, not to mention a girl who had just reached the age of sixteen.

As for Kirito, the one who became his valet was Ronye Arabel, a sixteen years old girl born in a sixth class noble family as well; those two were a cause of much distress for the two from the countryside. He had absolutely no complaints about Tiez herself. The girl, with hair red like flames and eyes slightly tinged red, both which were somewhat rare in the north, was always full of energy, possessing much enthusiasm and diligence and causing many situations where the mentor, Eugeo, ended up learning from the apprentice instead.

Howeverbeing waited on by someone three years younger, not to mention of noble birth and a female as well, does not seem to be something he could get used to at this point in 11 Sword Art Online Alicization Turning Chapter 5 Seal of the Right Eye time.

Each day was spent with his thoughtful "I'll take care of that, don't worry about it" retorted by Tiez's "No, this should be handled by the valet! Kirito's situation was mostly the same, making up some arbitrary excuse to disappear whenever Ronye came to tidy up the room; that happened many times in this one monthhowever. Todaythe 17th day of the 5th month of the Human World Calendar , Kirito finally returned without any particular reason just as Tiez and Ronye finished cleaning the room, holding onto a large paper bag in his arms.

Inside was a heap of honey pies from a well-established restaurant in the 3rd Eastern Street of the 6th District in North Centoria, The Deer Leap, which was famous for them, and Kirito took two out for Eugeo and himself before handing the rest to Tiez and Ronye with a "Go have them with everyone in your room".

Novice trainees were restricted from going out on non-rest days, and of course, unable to download sweets at the market then. The two girls were exceedingly happy at the unexpected refreshments, leading to Eugeo seeing them run back to the novice trainees' dormitory for the first time. Forming bonds with the valet trainees and giving them general advice on how to make progress on their swordsmanship were part of the swordsmen-in-training's duties as well, so those honey pies might be a part of Kirito's effortsbut even so, Eugeo thought while staring at his black-haired partner by his side, who ate up the pie with a composed expression before he spoke.

Eugeo-kun, how about some light practice before dinner?

sword art online volume 1 - aincrad

But tomorrow's the advanced sacred arts exam. And aside from the written segment, there's that Ice Element forming practical that you're bad at. It seems he was conflicted for several seconds, unwilling to yield, but Kirito soon lowered his hand with a sigh, before voicing out in a usually deep pitch. He completely agreed that sword practice was more fun than memorizing complicated spells, but with continuous failures in the academic tests, the qualifications to get a recommendation for the tournament will be out of reach regardless of how good their swordsmanship were.

And Eugeo's partner, who should have understood all of that to be fact without him explaining it, combed his hair, as jet-black as his uniform, upwards before speaking in a flat tone. I will now cram with all my might for this entire night until lights-out, so would you be ever so kind and bring my portion of food from the dining hall? You should've simply done it bit by bit normally. However, there are people who are unable to do that, you know Unlike the novice trainees' dormitory that they have been living in until one and a half months ago, the elite swordsmen-in-training's dormitory was in the shape of a perfect circle.

It was a three-story building with an atrium in the middle, a corridor forming a ring around it indoors, and the rooms where the twelve swordsmen-intraining stayed were lined up on the outer edge in the south.

The first floor had the dining hall and a large bath, while the second and third floors had six residences each for the students. It was set up to have one living room shared by every two rooms and the residence for Eugeo and Kirito was on the third floor.

The rooms were automatically arranged based on the placing in the combined examinations of the first school year, with the first place in room , on the eastern-most side of the third floor, second in room As Eugeo's room was and Kirito's was , it meant Eugeo was 5th among the novice trainees, while Kirito attained 6th with his scores.

The two were successful in being granted connecting rooms half through intention, but the other half was mere good luck. Of course, 14 Sword Art Online Alicization Turning Chapter 5 Seal of the Right Eye they first attempted to dominate the 1st and 2nd place for themselvesbut they had no choice but to settle for that, even when they tried their hardestKirito placed 4th place in the official match with the instructors, while Eugeo could only get 5th, which ended up making them fret over getting separated rooms, but Kirito lost more points in the style performance and sacred arts examination, getting 6th place.

As a result, the objective of getting connected rooms was achieved, but worries of a different kind were left behind. After all, in one year Kirito was 7th and Eugeo, 8th, when they entered, so they did improve, but considering how there were still four others to go, it certainly was no time to be optimistic. But on the other hand, Kirito was calm, acting as though becoming an elite swordsman-in-training was as good as having won already.

It wasn't like there was no basis for that confidence; what determined the ranks for swordsmen-in-training would not be the usual examinations that used combined scores, but the official matches that occurred four times a year. These matches would not be against instructors but among students instead, so grading criteria and such would be ignored, making victory over the opponent the main goal. And that abnormal-in-various-aspects partner of his had obtained a magnificent victory in a first strike match, when they were still novice trainees a mere two months ago, against the head elite 15 Sword Art Online Alicization Turning Chapter 5 Seal of the Right Eye swordsman-in-training back then.

In actual fact, it was ruled as a draw by the umpire, but that was unmistakably Kirito's win. Not to mention the opponent he crossed swords with was the heir of a second class noble family that served as swordsmanship instructors for the Imperial Knight Order for generations, an unbelievable Mighty Sword user.

He was taught the Aincrad-style swordsmanship known only by that Kirito for over two years now, so it wasn't like Eugeo had no faith in his own sword. However, it was another story if you were to ask him if he could be as assured as his partner.

Even on the day before a written examination, he had no intention of skipping out on his daily training. His usual practice partner had retired to his own room to cram for the entire night, so Eugeo exited the room with nothing but his own wooden sword in hand.

On the other side of the inner corridor stretching out into a large circle was the atrium that extended from the first floor to this third floor, with the deep red sunset skies visible through the round skylight above. There wasn't such an indulgent building in the town of Zakkaria, let alone Rulid Village where he was from. Even the floorboards were made from polished, high quality wood and numerous pieces of art were hung along the curved walls, the empire's history as their theme.

No matter how I tell them that I'm living in such a majestic building, even having someone exclusively assigned to aid me, none of my elder brothers back home will believe me, huh. Eugeo's thoughts drifted as he went through the long corridor. If I was a veteran swordsman, frequently displaying good results at the Unity Tournamentor beyond that, one of the integrity knights of the Axiom Church, holding onto more authority than even those from the households of the four emperors, just what sort of luxurious lifestyle would I lead?

Oof, not good. A year had passed since he enrolled and perhaps due to getting a little used to the life at the academy, there were times when he was about to lose sight of the feelings he held when he set out on his journey from the village.

He was not here to gain fame or honor as a swordsman. Living here, winning in the official matches, and even his aim to become an integrity knight, none of those were the end results, but the process.

To take back that blonde childhood friend of his, who should be confined somewhere within the Axiom Church's Central Cathedral After descending to the first floor through the stairs constructed on the northern side of the building, Eugeo headed towards the exclusive practice arena beside the dormitory. He swung his wooden sword in either a large, crowded practice hall or an open-air outdoor training field back when he was a novice trainee, but he was now able to practice indoors in a bright and spacious area, for as long as he liked.

Opening the door at the end of a short passage, the refreshing scent of the annually refurbished floors welcomed Eugeo. Standing still, he was about to inhale it in before he stopped his breath. He could sense a faint, sticky smell mixed into the air. When he got out of the small changing room, into the practice arena, those foreboding feelings turned to reality.

The two male students positioned right in the middle of the vast wooden floor noticed Eugeo and turned to look at him with blunt scowls. Perhaps in the midst of style practice, one of them stayed still with his wooden sword held aloft, while the other was adjusting his stance, but then both of them dropped their arms in an unnatural motion. You don't have to be that cautious, I won't be stealing your techniques; muttering that thought in his mind, Eugeo simply gave a light nod and started walking towards a corner of the practice arena.

He figured they would ignore him as usual, but for some reason, the ones who came earlier took a step forward and opened their mouths to speak tonight. A garish red uniform covered his burly and tall body while 18 Sword Art Online Alicization Turning Chapter 5 Seal of the Right Eye his long and wavy blonde hair hung down.

A delighted smile settled on his well-ordered face lacking any flaws, but that intentional pause after Eugeo was to call attention to Eugeo's origins as a peasant with no family name. Responding to harassment of this level would only serve to reduce the time for practice, so Eugeo returned the greeting with a fabricated expression. Yes, unfortunately, my roommate is When addressing Raios-dono by name, be sure to add in the Head Swordsman-in-training!

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When calling me, you must add in the second-ranked as well! Or do you have no regard for the history and traditions of this honorable swordsmanship academy As indicated by those words earlier, this grey-haired Humbert Zizek was the second-ranked elite swordsman-in-training among the twelve students living in this dormitory. And the blonde male, Raios Antinous, was the head elite swordsman-in-training, ranked first. In other words, the month before last, Raios took over the position of the previous head who fought a fierce battle with Kirito, Uolo Levanteinn.

Despite how unlike Uolo who had the air of a stoic military man Raios was, as a man who could not be said to be any closer to the very image of one from the higher ranks of nobility with the vanity he exhibits, their command over swords were remarkably similar.

That might be only natural, considering how they use the same, High Norkia Style; though it wasn't pleasant knowing that the sophisticated, if speaking of him in a positive light, or devious, for negative, Raios was trained in the Mighty Sword designed to down in one hit, just like Uolo.

Kirito mentioned previously during a discussion over the matter. That half of that might behind the swords of students born in the higher ranks of nobility was from the huge pride they nurtured since childhood.

Raios's dedication towards swordsmanship and intensity of training could not even reach Uolo's heels, but his pride surpassed the latter's by far. Thus, there was that abominable and almost viscous weight behind Raios's sword. If they have that much self-esteem, why would they persist in such shallow harassment? When Eugeo rebutted so, unconvinced, Kirito replied after pondering for a short moment.

Self-esteem is the continuous judgement of oneself. But pride is not limited to merely that. Raios and the rest must have cultivated that pride through comparing themselves with others.

Hence, they show contempt for us who weren't born as nobles or even born in the central capital. Or approaching it from the opposite angle, they are unable to maintain that precious pride of theirs without doing so. Those words from Kirito were rather complex to Eugeo, but he interpreted it as the more he fed Raios's and Humbert's pride by being meek, the stronger their swords would get. The thought that he might as well answer in a provocative and arrogant manner did come to mind, but unlike his partner, Eugeo had neither the knack of determining where the limits for violating the academy's regulations lie, nor the inclination to pick unnecessary fights in the first place.

Thus, although Eugeo was slightly ashamed of his obedient nature, he still gave a quick bow to show gratitude before he headed towards the corner of the practice arena once again. Upon stepping across the plain wooden floorboards which were newly cut from the forest near the central capital with plenty of Life remaining, those nasty feelings gradually faded away.

In the central 21 Sword Art Online Alicization Turning Chapter 5 Seal of the Right Eye capital where nearly all buildings were made from stone, a place to enjoy the aroma of fresh wood was precious. Raios and Humbert probably did learn swordsmanship from a private tutor since they were young, but even I've hit that Gigas Cedar two thousand times daily for seven years back in Rulid Forest.

I might not have enough pride, but I definitely have selfesteem. Well, I wasn't waving a sword but an axe around, though. With those thoughts in mind, he stopped in front of the logs meant for self-practice, standing beside the wall on the west side. These were replaced as well, at the same time as the floor, with barely any dents on their surfaces.

Holding the wooden sword made from platinum oak in his two hands, he took up the basic middle stance and regulated his breathing. The thud of a heavy impact rang out and the log with a diameter of thirty cen quivered to its very core after being hit on its right.

Feeling the pleasant feedback from his hands, he took a step back and swung the sword down from the left side this time. Next, the right side, then the left again. After striking it for as many as ten times, everything vanished from his cognizance aside from his own body and sword, and the log as well.

The practice Eugeo goes through each night was to execute these downward swings from left and right for a total of four hundred times. He does not carry out any revision for the complex styles taught during the day exercises, like what Raios and company were doing 22 Sword Art Online Alicization Turning Chapter 5 Seal of the Right Eye earlier. That was because his partner, and mentor as well, Kirito, said that there was no need for it. In this world, what's important is to put something into your sword.

When teaching Eugeo swordsmanship, he tended to voice that out. The secret moves of the Norkia-style, the Valtio-style, and our Aincrad-style are powerful. After all, you just have to understand the activation method and the sword will partially move all by itself.

However, the problem lies before that. The number of matches where secret moves will go against secret moves, like when I fought against Uolo, will likely increase from now on. In that case, the rest will be determined by the weight behind the sword.

Even Eugeo understood that it was not a word that referred simply to the weight of the sword itself. The one who Kirito fought against, Uolo Levanteinn, put the selfesteem and heavy responsibility from being born in a family that instructed the Knight Order in swordsmanship into his sword. The senior that Eugeo served for a year as his valet, Gorgolosso Baltoh, used the confidence from the body of steel he trained up.

The student that guided Kirito, Sortiliena Serlut, used her expertise in the techniques she honed. And lastly, Raios and Humbert converted their pride as upper class nobles into the weight of their swords. Then, what should I put in my sword? You would have to find that out yourself, he said. But perhaps thinking that saying that alone was too irresponsible, he continued on; you won't be finding it even if you do style practice the whole time.

That was the reason behind the earnest striking practice Eugeo repeated day after day while on the journey towards Centoria, and even after gaining admission to the Master Swords Academy. Because all Eugeo had, being neither a noble nor a swordsman, was the years of experience sincerely swinging an axe in that forest south of Rulid.

No, there was actually one other thing. The desire to recover Alice who was taken away by the Axiom Church. Even while swinging this wooden sword right now, the vestige of his blonde-haired childhood friend alone would not disappear from his mind. He believed it must have been the same back when he was chopping down the Gigas Cedar in his hometown's forest.

It would be eight years soon, since that day in the summer. When the integrity knight who gave his name as Deusolbert Synthesis Seven took away Alice, all Eugeo did was to look on. Although he held onto the Dragon Bone Axe that could even sever iron at that time, he wasn't even able to brandish it. Despite how someone right beside him Asking if he could really accept that. There shouldn't have been any other friends of his that called his name in that manner aside from Alice.

Even so, he could still recall those youthful shouts reverberating faintly, deep within his ears. Automatically counting the number of strikes in a corner of his mind, Eugeo dived deep, deep in his memory; it happened then. The sword's trajectory deviated slightly and an unpleasant recoil numbed his hands like when he made a blunder swinging the axe during his woodcutting days. Despite how there should have been quite a distance between Eugeo in the corner of the vast practice arena and Raios's group in the exact middle, the fact that the sound was that clear would be because they were intentionally raising their voices to make him listen.

He should have been fed up of listening to their sarcasm by now, but he could only consider it shameful of himself for his emotions to be swayed, even now. Ignore them, ignore them; Eugeo tried to convince himself and was about to continue swinging his sword "Are you not curious about what meaning is there for Eugeodono to do that night after night, swinging that stick without style or finesse, Humbert?

And you're as spirited as always, though only when Kirito isn't around, Raios-kun. Since the month before last, they have stopped with the direct provocations whenever Eugeo and Kirito were together for some reason.

In exchange, the scorn Eugeo received when alone increased accordingly, but it didn't seem to be because they found Eugeo easy to deal with, but because they were spooked by Kirito. Apparently, something occurred between Kirito and them around the end of their novice trainee period, but his partner would only claim that it was merely "a slight quarrel" when he asked and of course, he couldn't ask Raios directly either. What seemed related though, was how Raios and Humbert had strangely pale faces on when they saw Kirito give an unusual potted blue flower to Sortiliena-senpai after the graduation ceremony last month, but he had absolutely no idea about the significance behind it.

Anyway, he could get by without being hassled by them when together with Kirito, which was something he had no qualms with. However, he couldn't very well hide in the shadow of his partner forever, having become an elite swordsman-in-training now.

The year's first official match was only a month away, in the middle of the sixth month. The final rankings may be decided based on just the one right before graduation, but a complete loss to Raios and his ally would only create unease in his future. A major reversal like how the Swordswoman-in-training Sortiliena who was always 26 Sword Art Online Alicization Turning Chapter 5 Seal of the Right Eye ranked second overthrew the unmovable head, Uolo Levanteinn, in the final match was not common at allor so, Gorgolosso said in high spirits, as though it concerned him personally.

The head this year, Raios, and the second-ranked, Humbert, were warriors who received special training in the High Norkia-style since they were young, just like Uolo. Their characters were utterly unworthy of respect, but their swordsmanship would probably be a head above that of the other noble students.

To be honest, even with only a month to go until the match, he could still not find that something he should put in his sword that would be capable of competing against their Mighty Sword. But at the very least, I definitely won't lose to you guys in terms of number of sword swings. Ending his pensive thoughts and the four hundredth strike at the same time, Eugeo slowly straightened his body.

He removed a towel from his belt and first wiped clean his wooden sword. Next, he wiped off the sweat that soaked in from his forehead to his nape while taking fleeting glances behind. Raios and his cohort were practicing in the middle of the practice arena as always, apparently reviewing the forms of each other's styles.

The moment he turned back and took a breath of air, the Bell of Time Telling hung at the academy's main auditorium tower rang out the melody for 6 P. The swordsmen-in-training's dormitory left much to the students' discretion, unlike the trainees' dormitory that was full of regulations, so dinner could be taken anytime from six to eight. Hence, a little more practice was perfectly possible, but he had to 27 Sword Art Online Alicization Turning Chapter 5 Seal of the Right Eye bring food back to the room for his partner who was hard at work studying for the tests today.

Come to think of it, that Kirito didn't tell me what he wanted to eat. If there are those pickled tsubu gourds he's bad with, I'll get him an extra-large serving. When he tucked the towel and wooden sword into his belt with those thoughts in mind and started walking towards the entryway, Raios spoke with his sword aloft, at a volume he could hear. Perhaps he doesn't know how to deal with anything except a log for an opponent?

If those are his circumstances, might it be best of us to offer our guidance for a single form at least, as fellow disciples of the same dormitory?

However, Humbert then addressed him directly, so he had no choice but to reluctantly stop his steps. As Raios-dono mentioned, how about some guidance? You won't be given such a rare chance ever again. Intentionally ignoring a conversation targeted at him would be the same as an act of disrespect. In the first place, the authority to punish held by elite swordsmen-in-training could be used only on novice and advanced trainees, so Humbert couldn't order any sort of punishment onto Eugeo, but there was still the possibility of submitting a complaint to the academy's management.

As such, Eugeo thought to take his leave with the single phrase, "Don't mind me" but another idea came to mind. This might possibly be a good opportunity. Raios and Humbert were the head and second-ranked elite swordsmen-in-trainingin other words, they were the strongest and second strongest swordsmen among the students in the academy. Even Kirito said, "Don't make light of those guys" every now and then, so he had absolutely no intention of looking down on the pair's true strength.

But at the present moment, Eugeo found Raios and his comrade's usage of pride as a source of strength to be incomprehensible. Boasting about their high social status, looking down on students born in noble families below theirs or those of commoners, ridiculing them If he were to accept that, wouldn't it bemire the feelings of respect and affection towards others taught to him by his parents, Sister 29 Sword Art Online Alicization Turning Chapter 5 Seal of the Right Eye Azariya from the church, Gasupht the village chief, and lastly, his childhood friend, Alice, when he was young?

Even now, when Eugeo was openly shown looks of scorn, he did not think to neglect the minimum amount of respectaffection was a little impossible thoughfor Raios and Humbert. However, if that attitude were to feed their pride, if it were to increase the force behind their swords even further, it would be really wasted on them. That said, he didn't even have the slightest intention to choose a way of life similar to those two and scorn others What exactly was the strength born from pride?

Having them offer guidance on their own accord like right now could be a chance. Eugeo quickly considered it in his head and added on an "It seems like what that Kirito would think up of, huh" to his thoughts, before he opened his once-closed mouth. This certainly might be the only chance to do so. Then could you allow me to accept your offer and receive your guidance, please?

It seems Eugeo's reaction was unexpected, but they soon curled their lips up into a faint grin. First, Humbert spread his arms wide open and declared in a shrill voice. Now then, hurry and show us your form over there. What did you say? In exchange, suspicion of Eugeo's intentions and the cruelty a wild beast displays as it torments its prey with its claws, showed themselves. In other words Asking for any more on your part would be impertinent of me.

Sword Art Online Volume 9 - Alicization Beginning

So, you're suggesting that you do not object to ending it only after the first strike? Those eyes, thin even under normal circumstances, narrowed even further to nearly lines, with a brutal leer focusing deep within them. It seems Eugeo's overly respectful manner of speaking had aroused his sadistic anticipation.

Very well, I shall show you my sword techniques, Eugeo-dono. It was made of the same platinum oak as Eugeo's, but elaborate patterns were engraved onto the side of its blade.

With Humbert by his side acting in that manner, Raios first thought to say something to him, but perhaps thinking better of it, immediately shut his mouth. Taking slow steps backwards until he was three mel away, he nodded with a vague smile when Humbert turned to look at him.

Getting more into it with the acknowledgement of his superior, Humbert hung his hands loose, pointed his sword tip straight at Eugeo who was standing upright and shouted.

This is the essence of the High Norkia-style This stance was the secret move of the Norkia-style, Lightning Flash Slash.Because the game was based on getting to the top of the castle, the dungeons in this world werent underground labyrinths but existed as towers.

Let's see, if it's him, he'll get the stew, along with fresh vegetables in cheese and pickled oli, but I'm not too sure if he wants chilled siral water for drinks. I hesitated slightly but told him the truth. But it wasnt like that outside. Steeling his determination, Eugeo opened his mouth, giving his all to keep his expression still. A year had passed since he enrolled and perhaps due to getting a little used to the life at the academy, there were times when he was about to lose sight of the feelings he held when he set out on his journey from the village.

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