Share. site App Ad. Look inside this book. Work Smarter Not Harder: 18 Productivity Tips That Boost Your Work Day Performance by [. Work Smarter Not Harder book. Read 85 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. How to Improve Your Work Productivity and Get Things Done!. Work Smarter Not Harder: 26 Effective Ways for Boosting Your Work Performance . If you follow productivity blogs or books, you have probably heard about.

Work Smarter Not Harder Book

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Timo Kiander: Work Smarter Not Harder: 18 Productivity Tips That Boost Your DOWNLOAD the book and learn 18 actionable ways to get more done, the. Save time at work with these books that help you work more effectively and efficiently. Working Smarter Not Harder by Timo Kiander is a quick read that identifies 18 different ways to improve your working day. Tips range from.

But there will always be few tips which you can take back from the book. Aug 04, Nilesh Karkhanis rated it really liked it. A short but very helpful book. Timo have very well described the steps in shortest manner such as how to delegate the work, making the checklist, using the time effectively, taking the breaks at the right time while working.

I have started applying few of the methods and I can see I am getting the results as mentioned in the book.

Though all the steps written in the book are very well known and had been written by many authors already, I personally liked this book because of the short but sw A short but very helpful book. Though all the steps written in the book are very well known and had been written by many authors already, I personally liked this book because of the short but sweet described steps which can be easily applied in our daily work life.

Feb 26, Balamurugan Krishnamurthy rated it liked it Shelves: Misleading Main Title. It's a freebie; I shouldn't complain much. It is like revising valuable Tips which are explained deeply in other author books. The New Psychology of Success. Aug 05, shantanu rated it it was amazing.

Aug 13, Anne rated it it was ok. Short, free book, that adds nothing to productivity if you've already read any other source on the subject. Although the author recognizes his influence getting things done, by Allen , he never strays far enough from that book to be truly useful to those who have read the original book. A pity. Oct 03, Anil jangra rated it it was amazing. Need to work in depth Basic knowledge is good but i think some examples of successful people might be added.

I suggest you to go through the reference books. Sep 14, Abhijeet Singh rated it really liked it. Very generic. Jul 10, Aniruddha Majumdar rated it really liked it. Good book to manage your day Book gives tips which are useful in day to day work. Sleeping, drinking water, prioritization focus one task at a time.

Sep 14, Aditya Pratap Singh rated it liked it. General information, but good.

You may probably be knowing all the stuff. But its a great effort for the people who are unorganized.

Feb 24, Jamila Belk rated it liked it. Nothing new but the author did recommend several apps which could prove useful. Aug 16, Gary Payne rated it really liked it. A nice collection of tips and tricks to help organize your day. I enjoyed the tips.

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Most you will know, some you won't. Either way its time well spent. Good read i recommend it. Aug 08, Amit rated it it was amazing. Short and helpful tips This book has useful tips to manage and organised time and productivity.

It can help u to increase productivity and organise time. Nov 24, Nate Meyers rated it really liked it. I think it's almost the ideal self help book in that you can read it once and just flip back to the well laid out and concisely state principles for some reminders and inspiration from time to time. Dec 21, Elena B.

Mar 14, Madhup rated it did not like it. Price not worth it. A few tips are relevant and a few not so. Going ahead I'd rather see the total number of pages versus price of a book. Jan 27, Stephen Fenwick rated it liked it. Good tips basic book I liked the book but found it very basic, although I appreciate the links to various good apps to help with productivity.

Jul 19, Laura rated it did not like it. Simply states the obvious. Apr 29, Viral rated it really liked it. An excellent mini-guide to increase your office productivity. Jan 22, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: Nice read..

Mar 29, Ravina rated it it was ok. Nothing New, we already know everything. May 06, Jonathan Rodriguez l rated it it was amazing. Good Read Fast and clear do this you will be more productive.

Work Smarter Not Harder: 18 Productivity Tips That Boost Your Work Day Performance

Great stuff. It worth it. Let's give a try. And be productive. Sep 03, Mayra Morales rated it it was ok.

Nothing new under the sun. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. Just implement the advice as-is or make your own variations of them. What matters the most is that you take action. In some situations you might argue whether a certain tip should fall under a certain category.

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Yet, I took the "artistic freedom" to categorize the advice this way. I have tried the tips myself and they have worked well in that particular context. It includes 17 additional tips that can improve your work performance even further! Photo Credit: I have noticed that one of the best ways to improve my focus when doing computer-related work is to work with a timer. I tend to work in 50 minute chunks, so I set the timer on, work on my tasks and then take a small break.

Although this is similar the Pomodoro Technique , I like my time block length better. Just turn the timer on and try to accomplish as much as possible. Test different time lengths and see which one works best for you. The next tip is to plan your day, and you do this by having a task list.

Now, there are some people who prefer having paper-based task lists , but I follow the hi-tech route instead. Then - and if the schedule permits - add some smaller tasks to your list too. This way you have a mix of tasks which move your project further while taking care of the smaller tasks as well.

Having a list gives you a plan to follow. When you get the hardest task s off your list quickly, you have more time to focus on the other stuff.

However, when someone asks you to do something, you have the right to decline the request however, you should help someone in the case of an emergency. In that case I worked at the kitchen table and there was sometimes external noise coming from the TV or my son who was playing next to me. Even with those distractions, I was able to do certain things just fine without needing to have complete silence. Make sure to take advantage of this information when you plan the task list for the day.

Keep working on one task and once you have reached your daily goal, move on to the next task. However, try to avoid working on one task then switching to another, then back to the original one. Too often we get distracted by thoughts, ideas and tasks that pop into our mind while we are doing focused work.

Work Smarter Not Harder

So instead of letting thoughts pull us away from the important work, capture everything into a simple distraction list.

This is nothing more than just a piece of paper where you jot down any ideas or thoughts worth remembering while they occur.

According to an article by WebMD , drinking water has many health benefits. Research has also found that drinking water has productivity-enhancing benefits as well.

So stop drinking excessive amounts of coffee and drink more water. Your body and brain will thank you for that! On the other hand, your colleague or online buddy is able to take care of the same task in half the time. This way you could save time on your task and finish it faster. Keep asking questions to solve the issues that you have. Get past the roadblocks faster by asking questions.

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Sometimes I face a road-block in my work, and have difficulties continuing. The best strategy in addition to asking for help is to walk away, do something completely different and then come back. My sub-conscious is working in the background and gives me the solution when I least expect it.

If you have hard time moving forward with your work, just step back for a while and return to it later on. This will most likely speed up the process of solving the problem and getting your work done.

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If you decide to become one, there are two particular aspects that you should be focusing on: Understanding how much sleep you really need and then deciding to go to bed earlier. Unfortunately, I ignored these aspects when I become an early riser some years ago. Even when I was waking up early, I was in constant sleep-debt, making my work harder than what it was. Once I know how much sleep I need, it becomes simpler to adjust my bedtimes. If your goal is to go to bed one hour earlier, do the adjustments bit by bit.

For instance, you could decide to go to bed 5 minutes earlier this week and then yet another 5 minutes the next. Eventually you will hit your target.

Sometimes you just want to take some time off and detach yourself from work. However, do you know which task you should start working on when you return back to work?

This is what exactly happened to me: I wasted a lot of time figuring out the stuff that I was supposed to do. In other words, just leave a note to yourself for example create a document on your desktop , describing the statuses of the latest tasks you worked on.

This way you get up-to-speed much faster instead of pondering for hours about what you were supposed to do. When you hold yourself accountable towards others, you feel pressure to get the work done in a timely fashion, as promised.

Do you know the reason why the task on your list exists? Or, why do you the task you are currently doing? Spend minutes every Sunday for planning the biggest goals for the week. This way you know exactly what you should be focusing on over the next few days.

Too often we just send an e-mail when we want communicate with someone. Sure, there is a place for e-mails, but often you get the results much faster by calling someone directly.

For instance, if you drive a car and you hear a weird sound coming from the engine, you could just ignore it hey, my car is running fine! However, what could happen is a sudden engine failure when you least expect. So even if the issue might start out small, it could easily turn into something critical.

Take a note of even the smallest details and handle them as soon as possible. That way, when you do the task the next time, you can refer to the checklist and follow it. You get the task done easier, and you could potentially delegate the task to someone else, since you have instructions already in place.

The purpose of meetings is good, but sometimes you just waste time on them.In sharing lessons, anecdotes, and cautionary tales from his own experiences revamping assessment procedures in the classroom, Dueck offers a variety of practical strategies for Ensuring that grades measure what students know without punishing them for factors outside their control.

Customer images. The Centers for Disease Control call insufficient sleep a public health problem that costs the U. Are you finding it impossible to focus on important projects? About Timo Kiander. The last step is to have a regular follow-up on your task by phone or by e-mail , so that things move along smoothly. Keyboard shortcuts and learning how to touch type are huge time savers.

For me, everything that is shared in this book are just common sense things.

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