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Feb 2, Download half girlfriend yify hindi movie torrent: Once upon a time, there was a Bihari. Create a book Download as PDF Printable version. Jan 17, DescriptionOnce upon a time, there was a Bihari boy called Madhav. He fell in love with a rich girl from Delhi called Riya. Madhav didnt speak. Half Girlfriend is an Indian romantic drama Hindi film based on the novel of the same name .. Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version .

So you are not going to misuse your time be seated and download updates on. Full Movie Name: Release Year: Movie Genre: Mohit Suri Producer: Shobha Kapoor Full Cast: The film is directed by Mohit Suri and features and in the lead roles.

The sports action in the film is by Rob Miller and the ReelSports team. The film is scheduled for a worldwide release on 19 May Half Girlfriend movie Screen Shots: Madhav Jha, a rustic boy from Bihar who is drawn to his college-mate, Riya Somani, an affluent English-speaking girl from Delhi. Following his friends, Madhav, civil to ask Riya directly, asks Riya to come to his room in the college residence and sleep for a while as she was having a severe headache.

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Since a check by Villain would have been more consistent with holding an Ace, the combinatorics along with the bet told us a lot about his hand. What it told us is he does not often have an Ace. We also told a story, but our story was more believable because it was mimicking the way many players would play an Ace. It does not need to be much of a story when he holds nothing though.

He still might have an Ace, or he could sometimes be calling with two big unpaired cards because he is priced in. When he did not improve, he just gave up. We also picked up a solid backdoor flush. We were going to bet this turn regardless, but the flush draw shades the play a little more in our favor. The bet we make here does not need to be very big.

We are mimicking a player with an Ace who wants to be called. One-third to one-half the pot should do just fine. Because of this, our equity when called does not matter as much as their likelihood of folding. We want players that are predictable in their high continuation betting frequency, players continuation betting where they would likely check with a made hand, and players that are not leading out on a draw such that they will call our raise.

We will have position and can flop a set or outplay post-flop. It is mostly a bet-fold. A really good player would look at our raise and realize that we rarely have a hand we raise with. Thankfully, most TAGs will have air here a lot, and fold without thinking about it further. Any move can be overused, but turning our hand into a bluff is fine.

We could also consider floating by just calling here. Floating means calling a bet with the intention to take the pot away by the river. Both are preferable to folding the flop when we miss our set. This hand is similar to the above hand, where we are representing flopped trips. In this hand, the Villain is not a believer.

This is one of those situations where a second barrel on the turn requires a third barrel to be profitable.

Here are the key components: Low pair with a low side card No flush draw or likely straight draw Raise from tight player pre-flop My call from the Big Blind or possibly Small Blind Potential to be heads up after the original raiser continuation bets All of these work together to make it so Villain is unlikely to have anything but an over pair. We have a wider range that can represent flopped trips.

This play works because this is how most people play flopped trips from the Big Blind: a small check-raise, then barrel. His continuation bet is only half pot and could easily be an automatic one.

There are not a lot of Fives in Villain s pre-flop raising range. We, on the other hand, closed the action in the Big Blind. We have a much wider range that can contain Fives. Our raise puts more money in the pot and looks stronger. With his call, we suspect an overpair like JJ. On rare occasions, we expect a Seven or that he disbelieves us entirely while holding a couple of big cards.

We expect to have a profitable turn bluff against this range. There are bluffs where you bet the turn and then evaluate the river for the final bet because the final card will dictate our move. There are once and done bluffs, where you fire once and give up if called. This case is the all or nothing bluff; we cannot give up in the middle.


This is the big decision point of the hand. Giving up now is reasonable, but there is another way. If we bluff the turn, we need to commit to a river shove now. Beware that chickening out on river is terrible. When making this play, giving up on the river will lose money, but barreling the river will make money. We need to commit to the river shove now.

Maybe if the fourth Five comes out, we could consider giving up; but then again since Villain has 19 42 Poker Plays You Can Use called this far, he likely has a small pocket pair, and our Jack might be good for value.

He looks very uncomfortable calling the turn because he knows what is coming on the river. His fear helps us. As expected, he folds. The reason this play works is that as unbelievable as it is that we have the last five, somehow it is even more unbelievable that we are bluffing.

Most players do not bluff for the big money, whatever that means at the stakes you are playing. The typical player never bluffs in this specific situation. The common mistake of not bluffing often enough makes our bluff more believable. The Villain instantly forms a one-way animosity against me when I do not show.

For the rest of the night, when I am beaten he makes snide comments about my likely weak holdings. I do not plan to bluff him again for a while. Also note, you should always have a seat change Button, this gives you priority when a seat opens at the table.

As you start taking more aggressive lines and pounding on players, they do form grudges. When a player wants to get even with you, try to make sure no seats to your left open up. If they do, take them. Even a semi-competent player with a grudge to your left is not as nice as him to your right.

We rarely need to fire three barrels as seen in the example. Here is a more typical form of the play.

We however could have anything since we just called from the blinds. The check-raise emulates how most people play this kind of Big Blind special. The Villain very well could have just been continuation betting and will give up immediately. If Villain has a premium over pair, they will likely call down and evaluate the turn. You need to choose your targets well, a calling station that cannot understand what you are representing will ship that same KK in this spot. Villain s flaw Difficulty rating s exploit Related Missions: 17, 18 The second barrel is a natural extension of a continuation betting strategy.

When a dry board with only medium and low cards comes, and your opponent calls, he will often be marked with a weak pair. Over cards that come on the turn will allow you to fold them out. Because of our pre-flop raise, we can very believably have an over pair here.

However, even a straightforward player will take a card off with a Ten, a small pocket pair, an occasional inside straight draw or just two over cards. We are hoping for a nice over card on the turn, preferably one that pairs us, but any of them will weaken the relative strength of his pair and not help his likely draw.

Villain can now tell himself two stories: We had an over pair, and are still going with it, or we had AK and just got lucky on him. We do pick up a little equity with our Broadway draw, and the nut no pair is worth something versus the straight draws that Villain might hold. Just as good players have learned to continuation bet when the board is right, we need to learn to fire again on good turns. Let us try again in a multi-way pot.

Teaching Sound Film

I tend to start at BB and add a big blind for every limper. There are lots of pocket pairs that will call: JJ all seem reasonable. The suited connector, 78s makes a good straight draw. There are plenty of single gap connectors also. None of these hands that he probably has likes it when an over card comes. The reason these are bad for the calling range on r is that these cards change the relative strength of their hands.

Their top pair or their over pair often become a second pair, which is beaten by a single card. Their under pairs, like 77, now becomes third pair.

The second bet by us makes us look stronger, so it is harder for Villains to call. Also, the bigger bets as the pots grow make people play more straightforward. We would not want to fire again on the following cards: The reason not to fire is that these cards help many of the kinds of hands that we expect called the flop. Lots of suited connectors picked up a straight, two pair, a pair with their draw or open trips.


When these players improve, they are unlikely to lay down their hand. Since we are betting to get a fold, we should not bet unless we expect to get one. These are cards are the bricks. On this loosely connected board they do not help any of the draws.

They do not change the board, but they devalue the draws. This sets up a situation where we can bet the turn with the plan 24 47 Bluffs and semi-bluffs to shove the river. There are so many weak fits on this kind of board that we can charge them on the turn and shove the river. Note the bet sizing we used. We had lots of latitude in our bet size to get a fold. It leaves our options open. We should always look at the remaining stacks and decide our bet size based on our plan for the rest of the hand.

As you get better at deciding when to fire second barrels, you will find you want your continuation bets to be called. This is because often you will win the hand on the turn after being paid for a continuation bet.

This puts more chips in your stack than just taking it down on the flop.

Most people will not notice what kinds of texture you are double barreling on. They will not know how to defend against your betting. Watch the hands you are not in. Notice which people are doing the same thing as you are. When you know what they are doing, you will be able to defend yourself and take advantage of their barreling. That comes in the next chapter.

He might also have some suited connectors looking for an inside straight, or possibly a weak Nine from a suited connector. There are only a few good sets for him to have.

His weak range will often fold on the turn, especially to a good overcard. It is the rare player who is going to call again with 77, 68s, or even 89s. This is why he folds. Villain s flaw Difficulty rating s exploit Related Missions: 5, 23 As you are playing at the table, watch the other players.

Whenever you can predict what a player will do before they do it, they are exploitable. Bluffing the bluffer is the next level of poker thinking.

Raising this bluff is an excellent option, especially if you have a draw to back you up. The other reason this semi-bluff works is that it is rare at this level for a turn check-raise to be anything but a strong made hand. This induces a lot more folds because we look so strong.

This is how to play against players that are playing like us. We expect the LAG to not have complete garbage, but he does not need to be too strong either.

Most pairs, any two Broadway cards, suited Aces, suited Kings, and one or two gappers are all reasonable. He is capable of flat calling with premium hands if the mood suits him. We are on the border of folding or opening in this hostile situation. The weak players in the blinds and the predictable Nit on the Button give us reason to open here.

Because of this, we do not like continuation betting into three opponents. However, after the LAG bets, we can close the action heads-up with an inside straight draw, backdoor Hearts, two over cards and a board that is unlikely to have hit him either.

We are getting great odds from his small bet. Having this relative position on the LAG has advantages as his bet clears out the rest of the table. We have a well-hidden double belly buster straight draw.

It is a good barreling card for the LAG. It is an over card, we have shown weakness and we are the only opponent. It is hard for us to simply call his bet, because we need to make a hand on the river to realize our showdown value. However, our hand also has stealing value.

The stealing value combined with the showdown value makes this a profitable spot. His small bets and prior history of twobarreling gives us reason to try this move.

The range analysis later in the alternative lines section applies here too. He does not likely have a strong hand, so we can push him out with a check-raise. If he shoves over our check-raise, it comes down to pot odds and our perception of his range.

We would be getting 2. If he has even an overpair like AA, we need 4. If he only has an Eight, then we can barely squeak in a call since we would need at least 2. We got really lucky with the draw we picked up on the turn. Let us look at an alternative line and see what happens if we are less fortunate. Half of those times with an overpair, a third of the time with just top pair.

Sets and a straight draw make up the rest. Here are the hands that hit: I never win coin flips. This case is the all or nothing bluff; we cannot give up in the middle.

Learn how you can get paid to get these annual tests with supplemental health plans like cancer insurance or critical illness coverage. If we do not bet now, he would play his draws perfectly on the river against us. Patience, they say. Sets and a straight draw make up the rest. This book is Free on June 20, Are these books no longer free?

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