PDF download of Srila Prabhupada's first edition () The Science of Self- Realization. To download Science of Self-Realization PDF file. “Science of Self-Realization” by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta .. and proves just how relevant the science of self-realization is to our modern world and. The Science of Self - Realization __Niyamas_Exploring_Yog( zlibraryexau2g3p_onion).pdf The Yamas & Niyamas. Self-Realization and Other Awakenings.

The Science Of Self Realization Pdf

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Free Download - The Science of Self Realization - Official home site for free downloads of the original books, art and audiobooks of Srila Free PDF Download. SSR Foreword · SSR Introduction · SSR 1: Learning the Science of the Self · SSR 2: Choosing a Spiritual Master · SSR 3: Discovering the Roots · SSR 4. The Science of Self Realization (Pdf) download page. Science of Self Realization , Srila Prabhupada.

He sounded like a scholar, his vocabulary intricately laced with philosophical terms and phrases. Elegant hand gestures and animated facial expressions added considerable impact to his delivery. I am not an Indian ….

You are not Americans …. We are all spirit souls.

The caption quoted Mr. Shastri as saying that all Indian government libraries should order the books. But I could not understand why a gentleman of such distinction was residing and lecturing in the Bowery, of all places. He was certainly well educated and, by all appearances, born of an aristocratic Indian family. Why was he living in such poverty? What in the world had brought him here? One afternoon several days later, I stopped in to visit him and find out.

To my surprise, Srlla Prabhupada as I later came to call him was not too busy to talk with me. In fact, it seemed that he was prepared to talk all day. He was warm and friendly and explained that he had accepted the renounced order of life in India in , and that he was not allowed to carry or earn money for his personal needs. He had completed his studies at the University of Calcutta many years ago and had raised a family, and then he had left his eldest sons in charge of family and business affairs, as the age-old Vedic culture prescribes.

And this was why, at age sixty-nine, he had come to America.

The Science of Self-Realization

He told me he wanted to teach Americans about Indian music, cooking, languages, and various other arts. I was mildly amazed. I saw that Srila Prabhupada slept on a small mattress and that his clothes hung on lines at the back of the room, where they were drying in the summer afternoon heat.

He washed them himself and cooked his own food on an ingenious utensil he had fashioned with his own hands in India. In this four-layer apparatus he cooked four preparations at once. Stacked all around him and his ancient-looking portable typewriter in another section of the room were seemingly endless manuscripts. He spent almost all of his waking hours—about twenty in twenty-four, I learned—typing the sequels to the three volumes I had downloadd.

It was a projected sixty-volume set called the Srimad-Bhdgavatam, and virtually it was the encyclopedia of spiritual life. I wished him luck with the publishing, and he invited me back for Sanskrit classes on Saturdays and for his evening lectures on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I accepted, thanked him, and left, marveling at his incredible determination. A few weeks later—it was July —I had the privilege of helping Srila Prabhupada relocate in a somewhat more respectable neighborhood, on Second Avenue.

Some friends and I pitched in and rented a ground-floor storefront and a second-floor apartment, to the rear of a little courtyard, in the same building. The lectures and chanting continued, and within two weeks a rapidly growing congregation was providing for the storefront by this time a temple and the apartment. By now Srila Prabhupada was instructing his followers to print and distribute leaflets, and the owner of a record company had invited him to record an LP of the Hare Krishna chant.

You will start to visualise life in a very spriitual perspective. Go for it!!! Best book ever read.

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Verified download. Deep, thought provoking book. You may or may not agree with everything but it is enlightening. One of the many fascinating works from Srila Prabhupada. I love this book!! I have it by my bedside and read over and over again!!

Hare Krishna!!!!

Daniel J. All my question relating to who I am, why do I suffer and where will I go upon death has been totally resolved. A book for one seeking spiritual truth. This is an awesome book. It downloaded to my site Reader absolutely no problems.

I'm still reading this book and I truly enjoy it. Thank you. Ya can't go wrong with any of Sri Prabhupada's books Go to site.

The Science of Self-Realization

Back to top. He also uses very strong vocabulary in his effort to explain how getting a spiritual master and obtaining a love for god can help you in the long run. What I like is that before he became a yogi,he was a chemist who had a small business and everything.

But when his business failed and all he had was taken away from him. He took shelter of a spiritual maste I really like how Prabhupada, always comes with a practical approach when trying to solve material problems such as the world hunger problem. He took shelter of a spiritual master to find guidance.

Similarly in the book he describes this as meditating and finding your inner peace. The only bad thing about this book that it is kind of confusing for non-Hindus to read so it is advised that you read this only after contemplating the question of the meaning of life and wondering why are we here in this material world where everything is temporary?

It takes deep understanding which i am still trying to possess. Overall I needed this book to pull me out of hard times in America when the economy had wiped me out. View 1 comment. Sep 14, Rose Fuller rated it it was amazing. I love this book. I read it a few years ago, but I liked it so much I bought three copies. I loved His Divine Grace's conversations and arguments with the people he spoke to, his argument for vegetarianism is straight forward, stating that animals have the same functions as humans.

He recommends chanting the mahamantra for happiness and union with God as part of the practice of Bhakti yoga. He tells us that Bhakti yoga is the practice of devotional service to Lord Krishna who is God. Great book I love this book. Great book that inspired me to start chanting. Dec 18, Stephan rated it really liked it. What is the Hari Krishna movement, or Krishna conscience? How does one devote their life to loving Krishna, and who brought the movement to the United States. These questions are answered within this book.

You don't to know anything about the movement to find useful information to adapt to your own life. Jun 28, Bobbi rated it really liked it Shelves: The book says kind of the same thing from page one to the last, yet i didn't find it boring at all. I think repeating the concepts is an effective way to make people really understand them and to put them into practice. Feb 18, Sharon E. I think the author is sort of narrow in his views. Maybe fundamentalist, but it is very interesting to hear this point of view and that is precisely why I selected this book.

Apr 16, Ram rated it did not like it. Oct 18, Vijay Dhameliya rated it it was amazing Shelves: Not only this book makes one realize the most important questions of life but also answers those question with great logical reasoning. Mar 27, L. Podobnie dusza zmienia cielesne okrycia zgodnie ze swym pragnieniem.

Jun 06, Neill Tumulac rated it really liked it. The first book I read on Krisna Conciousness. I had no idea this book as part of the religious group called the Hare Krisnas I had no idea who they were , so I was able to read this book without really judging its source. It reads like an interview for the most part and is highly informative to the perspectives of their religion.

One will find many interesting concepts introduced and will become aptly familiar with the belief system associated with the Hare Krisna group. Perhaps one will find a The first book I read on Krisna Conciousness. Perhaps one will find a relationship between their own current beliefs if they are trained in the regiment of another religion which advocates constant meditative practices, such as the mormon religion, the buddhist religions, and to some degree, the christian religion, and to less of a degree, Catholicism, and others that coincide with what they may have already uncovered themselves.

Many members of the religious group I have met have gone from using psychedelics to joining this group due to the transcendental nature of their belief system though I would disagree that this religion is the solution , however one may find if they are familiar with transcendental states of mind that many members within this group can be very enlightening. I would recommend this book but with the mindset that one should not simply believe everything written but instead be very skeptical, however not from a scientific perspective but from the perspective that all religions hold truths and if one were to practice their religion as a monk they would find the same results for any religion.

Jul 31, Akshat Solanki rated it really liked it. Throughout the book, you will get to read about his view on Yoga, consciousness, the importance of living well, eating well, behaving well to reach the embodiment of Nirvana. There are several chapters where the audience is asking questions to Swami, and Swami answers them beautifully. There are many things to which I don't agree but then that's the beauty of learning. Swami throughout the book emphasizes on Krishna Consciousness and assures everyone that no matter what religion are you from, it's possible for to achieve that level of consciousness.

I think those who like reading self-help books, should read this book. It's a good book. Akshat Solanki Oct 26, Sagar rated it really liked it. I got this book while I was 'lost' looking for a trekking route to a monastery high up in the Shivapuri National Park.

The book was a gift from 'Hare Krishna' followers in the foothills of the national park. Bought it for Rs. I was told by the guy who gave the book that I should look deep in me, and I will see the God that I was destined to see. And also to visit their site again The book's crux makes sense if you are a Hindu I got this book while I was 'lost' looking for a trekking route to a monastery high up in the Shivapuri National Park. The book's crux makes sense if you are a Hindu I learned one thing Oct 14, Navaneet J rated it it was ok.

For sometime while I was I was very much involved with the esoteric circles of Hinduism, and later-on in the 'Hare Krishna' philosophy so much so that I began to find major flaws in it.

Maybe if I happen to rate this book here on that time-period, I would have given it no more less than 4 stars.. Mar 02, Dishant Patel rated it it was amazing. Ultimate book for a Newbie who wants to understand God, Absolute Truth,purpose of life and One's Relationship to the Almighty from a scientific point of view. HDG AC Bhaktivedanta Srila Prabhupada doesn't manufacture any new thing, he just quotes sastra as it is and hence, it is very clear and easy to understand.

Mar 07, Kapil Singh rated it it was amazing. This book will give you ultimate philosophy directly from Srimad Bhagwat Geeta. The author of this book Swami Prabhupada is one great spiritual master of 20th century. This book will make you realize the spiritual aspect of yourself. Apr 05, Shivani Loka-Laksmi rated it it was amazing. Flat out the best book on self realization. It explains the science for it, how it happens in a human being, and what practices unfold self realization.

A book I go to time and time again, always hitting me in new and profound ways.Bhagvad gita as it is english new edition. Prabhupada Bhaktivedanta. He responds, "God travels in a golden car. Stacked all around him and his ancient-looking portable typewriter in another section of the room were seemingly endless manuscripts.

That is about all I can say on it really. I love this book. All software reviews and articles becomes the sole property of Place Then we drove him to the eastern edge of Golden Gate Park, to a newly rented apartment and storefront temple—an arrangement very similar to that in New York.

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