Yes We Can! book. Read 37 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Little Roo and his friends usually have a great time playing together. Sam McBratney has been writing children's books for nearly thirty years. His bestselling book Guess How Much I Love You, illustrated by Anita Jeram, has sold. Yes We Can! [Sam Mcbratney, Charles Fuge] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Yes We Can Book

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Yes We Can: A Biography of Barack Obama [Garen Thomas, Roscoe Orman] on I have a book collection of biographical series for children -- artists, musicians. Roo, Mouse, and Duck are best friends who get into a spat when they make fun of each other. Contact Us. Book - Yes We Can! by Sam McBratney. EXPAND. "Young women can run the world. These are the stories of those who did " @ hillaryclinton "An excellent guide to the how and why of a life of public.

Skip navigation! The past two years have seen the publication of countless first-hand accounts of the Obama White House. Pete Souza's photo collection brought the president to life in pages. But only Yes She Can: The 10 intrepid women featured in Yes She Can spent their 20s their experiences fighting for immigration reform, flying on Air Force One, and finding themselves amid the characters of the Obama White House.

The intimate essays also provide an accurate preview of what a life in public service is really like, making the book an essential resource for young women with dreams of changing the word. For a sneak peek, check out the end of compiler Molly Dillon's essay about organizing a star-studded event and Annie screening for children in foster care while working as a Policy Assistant for Urban Affairs, Justice and Opportunity.

Expect security snafus with Jamie Foxx, an ad-libbed speech by Joe Biden, and moments that will make you tear up.

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Related Stories. This unexpected schedule change gave me some extra time to get work done. I headed back to my desk and answered a bunch of emails I still had my regular job to do.

And then with my ace team of interns, all of us with our personalized tick-tock in hand, we started setting up the auditorium.

We arranged nearly two hundred name tags, each printed under the White House logo on fancy card stock, in alphabetical order on a welcome table.

It was an extra hour or two of work over the weekend, but I wanted them to have something they could physically hold on to, to remember the day.

Yes We Can: A Biography of Barack Obama

We put the fact sheets on the same table. Policy fact sheets provide background info on a topic and short descriptions of policy changes, and are often sent to the media or used at press conferences or events like ours.

We had been working for about six months on this fact sheet, which was nearly four pages long and included a number of new policy announcements. Nothing in the White House happens with just one person, but I was the one ultimately responsible for pushing the agencies to make their announcements ready and then compiling and screening everything before it went to senior officials and before it went to print.

I was especially proud of our announcement from the Departments of Education and Agriculture: To the outside world, a letter might not sound like a big deal, but this one was so important, and was an issue requested by the foster care community. I had read extensively about this issue and met with experts, and ultimately worked with the departments to write and send out that letter.

It was going to make a big difference.

Altogether, we were announcing twelve new items, including actions around financial protection and literacy, improving maternal health care, increasing access to jobs, improving education, eradicating homelessness, and redoubling efforts to make sure the Indian Child Welfare Act was followed.

With the handouts and name tags in place, I looked over the guest list one more time.

There were nearly two hundred individuals attending, including some pretty high-profile people, like Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, the former governor of Iowa, who had himself lived in an orphanage as a young child. He was happy to participate, tell his story, and share the good work his department was doing.

I wrote the script, they filmed it during their press tour, and we would show it at our event and post it online. Hearing them speak the words I wrote for the video was a wild feeling. But I was most excited about meeting the young people. I really wanted the event to mean something to them.

Before I knew it, the auditorium started to fill. My meticulous spreadsheets transformed into actual people who would be affected by the policies announced that night. I could feel my heart swell. I took a moment to look around. Many of our guests were high school students, right around the age I was when President Obama announced he was running for office.

And now, almost eight years after that Springfield speech, here I was, working for the White House, in this auditorium, at an event that I planned from scratch, where there were definitely more people than seats, as guests and staff had begun to line the side and back walls.

Someone brought in more folding chairs from elsewhere in the building. We were at max capacity. I had been preparing for this day for months, trying to imagine everything that could go wrong and making contingency plans to prevent disaster.

But even with the best-laid plans, something is always going to go wrong. Tonight was no exception. You can imagine that obtaining security clearance for two hundred people to enter the White House can be a logistical nightmare. WAVEs contain personal information like your name and birthday and social security number, and are submitted for a specific date and time.

That was how I felt seeing Cameron Diaz — she was tall and stylish and, as it turns out, extremely nice.

I looked at my tick-tock and tried very hard not to panic. The event was planned down to the minute.

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Plus, he had a seat front row, center. I exited the complex to greet him and escort his group directly to the event. Even celebrities have to show their ID to Secret Service — and that was when the agents at the gate informed me His WAVEs had expired! This was my fault; I should have remembered that he would need to be recleared.

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Before I even had a chance to be furious with myself for not anticipating that this would happen, I sent out a mass email to other junior staffers to see if anyone was at their computer and could resubmit his information. And after a very cold thirty-seven-degree December in DC!

At this point, I had apologized profusely, and I will say that Jamie was very cool about it. After months of painstaking work, I was upset, and it was a hard feeling to shake.

Recognizing that we still had the entire night ahead of us, I basically had to quickly but sternly lecture myself: Do not let this snafu get in the way of the event or your ability to enjoy it. You fixed it. Yes We Can showed the softer side of Obama that most American's do not get to see. In fact, I was surprised at exactly how easy it was for me to relate to him.

Obama's voter's demographics are everywhere, and I can see why.

Yes We Can tells a story that everyone could relate in one way or another. I also liked that I could see how hard Obama worked for everything he has today. To me, it's very impressive that a boy from a middle class family could grow up to attend Columbia University, attend Harvard University, become Senator of Illinois, and then become The President of the United States of America for not one but two terms.

I think that Yes We Can is a very inspiring book that could change how a lot of young adults look at themselves. People James and I Information Our favourite colour is purple.

Yes She Can

Remember to use a capital letter and a period. Refer to the previous activities in this unit if you need help.

Use the possessive form its to describe an animal. Its always goes before a noun. Read the descriptions. Write the name of the animal that is described. Example: Its favourite food is bananas. Its teeth are pointed. Its home is in a tree. Its eyes are always open. Its tail is short and curly. Its enemy is the cat. Its fur is black and white. Its wings are not used for flying. Its wings are colourful. Its neck and legs are long.He was happy to participate, tell his story, and share the good work his department was doing.

Necessary reading that will inspire and empower a new generation of girls focused on social impact. Its neck and legs are long. After a few minutes, the door opened and in walked Vice President Biden with his daughter Ashley. Of course they find they can not do it. Sarah Bennett and Michael I.

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